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Search for SuccessInformation Guide for the
MBA Student and Graduate

Why Go To Business School?

Attending business school is an exciting and challenging endeavor, which should not be underestimated or taken for granted. People choose the MBA route for various reasons however, the most common reason among students going to business schools are the opportunities in the workplace an MBA degree will grant you.

If you have a non-business undergraduate degree and have taken a few or no courses in business, the M.B.A. program will offer you a comprehensive general business education, with moderate specialization. If you have an undergraduate degree in business administration, the M.B.A. program will offer you an opportunity to develop special competence in more than one functional area of business.

An MBA provides you with opportunities to learn both the fundamental skills of quantitative business analysis and the critical thinking skills needed to make business decisions in the context of today's dynamic organizations. In school you will learn many subjects (i.e. Finance, Accounting, Marketing and Management) which are the core foundation of solid business practices. Having an MBA degree will allow you to have a great deal of flexibility in your personal and professional life. The experiences and education you will acquire can be transferred to most any type of career choice.


  • Average age at entrance is 27 years old
  • Average GMAT score is 575
  • Average work experience prior to enrolling is 4 years
  • MBA Students have a wide variety of employment backgrounds. The most common are Finance, Accounting, Manufacturing, and Marketing


According to theUS News and World Report, The top 5 highest average GMAT scores by undergraduate major:

  1. Physics-584
  2. Math-565
  3. Engineering-559
  4. Government-554
  5. Philosophy-552

The top 5 lowest average GMAT scores by undergraduate major:

  1. Hotel Administration-461
  2. Marketing-463
  3. Management-466
  4. Business Education-467
  5. Education-471

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